Cease and Desist: An open letter to Brewdog from PUNK

It has recently come to light that the beer company have trade marked the word 'punk' and are threatening legal action against people using that word. Punks around the world have something to say about that....

This is an open letter to Brewdog from the global punk community.

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1 April 2017

Dear Brewdog,

Re: Cease and desist - an open letter to Brewdog from Punk

It has recently been brought to our attention that you are claiming legal ownership of the word 'punk' and are sending threatening legal notices to those you feel are infringing on that ownership by using that word. As benefactors of the punk legacy, it falls to us, the global punk scene, to inform you that you are not, in fact, the owners of the word 'punk', we are.

Since the arrival of your punk branded beverage, we have tolerated your usage of our word. Some sections of our global punk family have even welcomed you for your refreshing beer and the two fingers you poked at the old beer making establishment. The 'no animal by-products used' went down especially well with some of our more radical brothers and sisters, and your CEO’s book Business for Punks certainly caused a few smiles. But then your Equity for Punks investment portfolio did raise some eyebrows.

Now we are getting word of some of your dubious legal antics. What is all this about you stopping others from using the word punk? Threatening legal action against a bar for using the word 'punk' in the name? It seems that as you have grown bigger you are now intimidating those smaller than you and this has caused some grave concerns about your true motives.

Definitions of punk are varied and debates over those definitions have been going on since before you were born. However, one thing punk is not is a bully! That goes against everything punk stands for. If you continue in this vein your punk credentials will be revoked and you will be called upon to cease and desist.

Kind regards and a middle finger salute,


Wonk Unit


Inner Terrestrials

The Vibrators

Omixlh (Greece)

The Rebel Riot (Burma)

Poster-iti (Turkey)

Kalashnikov Collective (Italy)

T V Smith


The Mob



The Oddballs (Spain)

Kansalaistottelemattomuus (Fin)

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing
Senseless Things

Oi Polloi

The Restarts



Goober Patrol

Dangerman (Norway)

The Lurkers

Omega Tribe
7 Day Conspiracy
Abandon Cause
Acidos Populares (Argentina)
Active Slaughter
Adultero y Patriota (Spain)
Ajuste De Kuentas (Argentina)
Allos Kosmos (Greece)
Altar DeFey
Apocalypse Addiction
Astmatisk Gapskratt (Norway)
Atomic Erection
Atomic Suplex
Bad Movies (Greece)
B-bang Cider
Beggar Belief (Greece)
Ben Edge and the Electric Pencils
Black Block
Blue Carpet Band
Bob Slayer
Bring the Drones (Sweden)
Broken Soundtracks
Burnt Tapes
Butcher Baby
Call the Cops (IT)
Camino a la Perdicion (Spain)
Casual Nausea
Chaos UK
Cheap Dates
Cheetah Chrome Band
Chrome Mountain
Citizen Fish
Combat Shock
Constant State Of Terror
Crazy Arm
Crusty (Spain)
Culture Shock
Dealing with Damage
Defiant Scum (Hong Kong)
Dept S
Destroy all gondolas
Deviant Heart
Dirty Love
Dogtown Rebels
Down Love
Drunk (Norway)
Ducking Punches
Duncan Reid and the Big Heads
Electric Eel Shock (Japan)
Everything Must Go
excellent adventure
Exodo (Argentina)
Faintest Idea
Fair Do's
Falsa bandera (Spain)
Fat Cat
Fed On Famine
Florida (Spain)
Flowers In The Dustbin
Flowers of Flesh and Blood
Fracas (US)
Gasmask Terrör (France)
Global Parasite
Göttemia (Norway)
Grand Collapse
Great Cynics
Hellfish (Austria)
Heavy Metal Kids
Honey Bunny (Spain)
In Evil Hour
Intensive Care
JB Conspiracy
Jimmy Muelles (Basque)
Jockney Rejects
Kakorva HC (Argentina)
Katalepzia punk (Argentina)
Koiu (Basque Country)
Kompost (Italy)
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Lay It On
Lay Out The Traps
Left For Dead
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Los Pepes
Lucky Malice (Norway)
Lxs Atrevidxs (Argentina)
Minor Discomfort Band
Molisma (Greece)
Mostoles (Spain)
Moto Vamp
Motor Head Road Crew
Orden Criminal (Chile)
Pama International
Parilla Shock
Pempti Kasta (Greece)
Pete Bentham & the Dinner Ladies
Phinius Gage
Poets on Payday
Poisonous Cxnt
Priceduifkes (Bel)
Project Mork
Punkamine (Basque)
Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons
Putilatex (Spain)
Rancid Hell Spawn
Randy Savages
Red Dogs (Japan)
Regimen de Guerra (Spain)
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man
Roda Lits
Role Models
Rotten Foxes
Rubber Legs

Ruby Throat
Seaside Rebels
Slow Faction
Spanking Machine
Spunk Volcano
Sub Culture (Norway)
Suicide Generation
Suicide Party
Tensión (Spain)
The Babes
The Bleach Boys
The Cannibals
The Commited
The Cut Ups
The Dead Dranks
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The Ligaments
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The Line
The Members
The Murderburgers
The Outcasts
The Parkinsons
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The Phobics
The Regressives
The Roughneck Riot
The Scary Clown Presents
The Spits
The Stitches
The Vapors
The WitchDoktors
The Zips
The Zipheads
Thee Faction
Throwing Stuff
Thunderkids (Italy)
Till the Wheels
Travis Cut
Trio Ternura (Argentina)
Ugly Shadows (Turkey)
Vagabonds 77 (Greece)
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Vaya Con Satan (Norway)
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